X-mas Fest 2017

27 / 10 / 2017

From 23/12/2017 until 1/1/2018


Aircraft: Twin Otter, Beech 99
Free  FF Load Organising by the Fly Warriors (David Nimmo, Raphael Coudray, Luís López Méndez)
Free FS Load Organising by Richie Hornig
Jumps from 16.500 ft WITH NO EXTRA COST (28th of December)
Organised Balloon jumps
Organised beach jumps
A-Team (with Alain Dony) jumping from 16500 ft (28th of December)
Hot & Chilly ; Ram Air Tombola evening
Live music
Happy Hour

Early online registrations until the 17th of December: 40 Euros
Online registrations from the 18th of December: 55 Euros
From the 22nd of December registrations will be done only at the reception