52 SECONDS: the shortest flight for an Intentional Skydive

26 / 09 / 2020

Bruno Brokken is a professional skydiver and world famous aerial photo- and videographer with 40 years of experience, as he started Skydiving in 1980. Seven years later, he decided to move from his home in Belgium to the sunny shores and the already growing skydiving community of Empuriabrava. He found his home here until today. In 1987 he already had over 1.000 jumps under his belt, and had reached the professional level in Skydiving to start working for Skydive Empuriabrava, which by that time, was already a pioneering Skydive Center in Europe, offering Tandem Skydiving and modern Skydive Courses (AFF). In 1988 he began his career as a professional skydiving athlete. Since 1992, when he earned his first world championship title, he has participated in many world records and events. His outstanding career as aerial photo- and videographer became the reference in the world of skydiving. He is still working with Skydive Empuriabrava and has captured an endless number of wonderful images for numerous movies, productions and commercials of world renowned brands. This year he was added to the international skydiving Hall of Fame for his life’s work.

Brokken continues to innovate the world of skydiving and this time he has done so by setting a new record for the shortest skydiving flight. He has achieved this using the skydiving aircraft with the fastest ascent speed in Europe, the Beech 99, piloted by the expert skydiving pilot Eduardo Simó.This powerful aircraft is part of the regular fleet of Skydive Empuriabrava and in only 52 seconds the plane took off and reached the required minimum height so that Brokken could jump and set the shortest flight for an intentional jump that has ever been done.

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