13 / 08 / 2006

La vie est belle... 



Vainqueurs du 4ième Championnat du monde de Freelfy à Gera, Alemagne 2006!

Une fois de plus, les garçons (Stéphane Fardel, Fred Fugen et Vincent Reffet) eurent du succès. Avec compromis, détermination, un travail acharné et beaucoup de passion ils ont atteint leur but de devenir Champions du Monde de Freefly 2006! L'équipe de BaByLoN remercie très fort tous les supporters qui travaillent en collaboration avec eux et permettent que leur rêve de voler se réalise.

Avec le support de la Fédération Française de Parachutisme, Skydive Empuriabrava, Performance Designs, Sunpath Products, Sonic Flywear, Larsen & Brusgaard et les casques Gath, qui nous aident à faire de nouveaux pas sur notre chemin.

Many thanks and appreciation goes to all our friends and supporters, especially BaByLoN students who ultimately give us all the motivation and purpose we need to keep going.

Most of all, praise to the family; the staff and instructors at BaByLoN Fly School. With the love and commitment they give and by relentlessly keeping the goal in sight, we are able to be a bit more than a bunch of dreamers having fun.”

Did you know…?

That founder member, Stephane Fardel, has been in every BaByLoN Freefly team line up since it began and before that in the Freestyle team with Nicolas Arnaud. He has been competing non stop, both as a performer and camera flyer at a world class level since 1999.

Also that Vincent Reffet is the youngest winner in history of any Freefly world-class competition level event; winning last year’s World Cup and World Games having just turned 21.

And that all three team members are second-generation skydivers, brought into the sport by skydiving fathers, all of whom are still jumping… (I blame it on the parents…thanks dad!).