24 / 12 / 2006

Noël 2006 se converti en énergique début d'année avec la "deuxième fête Disco de Noël sur la DZ".

Aux allentours de 30 enfants agés entre 2 mois et 13 ans ainsi que beaucoup de parachutistes, ont jouis de la fête et des jeux. Les plus petits sont distraits par un spectacle de marionnettes préparé par "Bel", continuant avec des peintures faciales et narrant des comptes. Les plus grands (jamais vus) jouant au jeu de "on passe la balle" (grâce à une balle chargée de cadeaux éllaborée par Debs McCarthy) et d'autres jeus musicaux, au tout s'ajoute une ambiance chaotique et chalereuse.

The cracking children’s DJ (the renowned Regan Tetlow) was mixing some good sounds to play the games along to and was helped out by Anna Howerski who gave us a few sing-a-along songs including the good old OKE COKIE, to get the atmosphere going before the grand arrival of “PAPA NOEL”, who of course took time off his busy pre-Christmas schedule to drop in for a flying visit loaded down with goodies for the little darlings. Then it was on to the break dancing competition and music into the night, that saw the babies off to bed and the dads get up to dance!
It was lovely to see the kids from many different nationalities, speaking several languages having such a nice time together as well as their parents; the staff and customers from the drop zone, whose children are growing up in this unique and special environment, there was a real sense of community in the air and the feel good factor was high.
With the collaboration and combined organisation of the drop zone and the Skybar owners and some of the mums and friends we all had them to thank for a “rock n rolling” Christmas, disco party-time…Also thanks to the Penelope for doing the food, to Matt (foggie) for taking the pics and to the entire bar staff at the Skybar for putting up with the mess.
It was agreed by all that it was great fun and the perfect way to kick start Christmas boogie which begins on the 23rd of Dec, and that it should definitely become a regular event in the DZ calendar. So see ya next year Santa.