16 / 11 / 2009

We had a great time, really good group with lots of laughs and challenging skydives with experience ranging from 80 jumps to a few thousand. We were doing 5 or 6 point seven ways and keeping the learning curve going for all slots.

Friday night was a 10euro menu in Blue Sky bar and Saturday night saw a return to Pasko's. Menu, transport there and back and as much wine as you could drink for 25euro!

Hot Weekenders are a perfect way to learn all about different exits, slots, techniques and referencing for jumping in groups with others, I made a special note of looking at tracking skills and helping all to improve. A must skill for bigger formations.
Next is HW11. Would be great to have you along. We might even go for a day on the slopes if we have enough interest.

So you want to improve your bigway skills? Or have the skills already and want to have a fun, relaxed weekend with some fun jumps and good food and wine? Hey don't forget you can bring along your freefly buddies too! They get the same deal, same good price and 15 jumps included!

So be it bigways, freefly, solos or just off consols. Hot Weekender has something for you.

Hope to see you soon!