04 / 03 / 2009

If you are part of Regan's Group you will know about this already, if not here are a few details. I have put together an all inclusive package for a weekend getaway to join the fun here at Empuria. I used to go away to Empuria alot back in the day before I worked there and used to think it would be so cool to have everything taken care of. No messing around with hotels, trains, car hire, finding people to jump with, eat with, have fun with....

Well now I work here I have been trying to sort it out and we have just had my first all inclusive 'hot weekender' package. Basically all you need to do is get to Girona airport. I have taken care of the rest. You get airport transfer, bunkhouse, 50euro bar credit for food and drink, load organising, DVD to take away, free entry into a nighclub and 15 jumps all for one price of 400euros! Its a fat deal, saving about 200euros. But do't take my word for it, here are some comments from this last weekend.


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We're two UK-based skydivers stuck between a heavy working week and the obligatory British rainy weekend! So for an opportunity to head out for some organised sunshine jumping once in a while, Regan's 'Hot Weekender' packages are perfect!!

Airport pick-up, accommodation, bar tab and evening entertainments, plus of course the magic ingredient; Regan's superb load organising - make this not only a great opportunity to escape the clouds and rain, but learn some pretty useful stuff about skydiving! From elegantly exiting the plane to floating effortlessly into your big-way slot - Regan has the plan! We're proud to be here right at the start of what will be a regular calendar fixture for us!

Aidan & Giedre (aka RG001 & RG002)


Well, after weeks of deliberation I finally thought "sod it" and booked my first solo skydive trip over to Empuria ... a favourite haunt of mine from when i was a rookie many moons ago.

Regan lured me over with promises of great times, great value, great facilities, great weather, great skydives and great company ....

Well, he was spot on - it was awesome.

From the minute I landed the entertainment started. Im sure Regan must have been responsible for the Russian blonde that sat next to me at the airport whilst I waited for my pickup as Im not usually that great with the chat up lines but she was lapping them all up ;-)

When all the other weekenders met up later that eve at the Blue Sky Bar Regan handed out our thoughtfully prepared welcome packs which included amongst other things keys to the bunkhouse, 50 euros bar card, jump tickets keyrings, pullups etc etc.

The next morning the blue sky was above us and this new gang of 8 rocked on with some amazing skydives ... culminating in a side splitting 17 way .... again im sure Regan laid on the entertainment by sending some poor chap doggy paddling under the formation just for the hoot of it. Sure made me laugh anyway !!

As the weekend drew to a close and work beckoned us all home again we said goodbye but made plans to all hook up in Empuria again for more fun.

This was such a good weekend .... will be back !!

Cheers Regan




Hello All

As a now fairly regular visitor to Empuria I have been drawn by the guarantee of Regan's load organising not only during the boogies and planned group trips (UKS trip last October) but also on the occasions that I have just thrown caution to the wind and travelled out alone out not knowing who else will be out there.

Well then the Hot Weekender package was announced. A deal that quite frankly appeared too good to be true and I would have been a fool not to snap it up and why not upgrade to the 25 jump deal any left over tickets would just give me an excuse (not that I really need one) to return. Through the medium of Facebook it was confirmed that a number of fellow Regan's groupers that I had jumped with in October and at the Xmas Boogie were also looking to attend the first Hot Weekender and so it was all systems go.

From the Friday night airport pick up and meet and greet, bunkhouse keys and goodie bags received, through Saturdays amazing 8 jumps notable commendation to the DVD and photos from Will and the last jump joining with the Fuxion camp guys and girls, to the Sunday where unfortunately the weather didn't play fair so RG00x numbers were issued and plans to reconvene at the end of April were made. Even as some of the RG's had to depart there was still plenty of jumping to be done and of course the obligatory evenings spent educating the AFF qualifiers into the essential viewing of their DVD's and their purchase of the celebratory 'case of beer'.

Well all the work that went into providing the ultimate weekend break package deal paid off ok it isn't much of a hassle to arrange airport pick up, book the bunkhouse and buy a bar card but to have it all organised and paid for in advance is just an added extra that I guess made it a holiday and not just another trip to a DZ.

I can't think of anything I would change from a customer point of view although it was a bit of a shame that as we had been so busy jumping on the Saturday that we didn't get to pick Regan's brain for debriefing a bit more over lunch although I accept that he has to eat too. I'm sure from a business perspective that you encountered glitches but as a first run of the event it certainly came across that everything ran smoothly.

Just as a general after thought I don't know what the practicalities of getting a vending machine close to the bunkhouse would be but the opportunity to get a cold bottle of water late night/early morning would be great.

Thank you again and see you in April.

Jules 004