El Somni dels Nens Foundation

The purpose of El Somni dels Nens Foundation is to make the dreams of children who are suffering from oncological, chronic or serious diseases come true, in order to give them a dose of joy with which to help generate a positive attitude during treatment or to deal with moments of extreme physical or emotional hardship.


The Foundation has placed its trust in us. 
Skydive Empuriabrava is therefore collaborating with El Somni dels Nens in a great project: presenting skydiving as therapy to children with cancer and other serious illnesses.


The Foundation makes dreams come true when requested to do so by supervisors of the children’s treatment (teachers from hospital schools, doctors, psychologists or social workers) or representatives from associations of parents of children with oncological diseases or similar institutions. Only these professionals are able to determine the cases in which making a dream come true can be an efficient part of treatment.


Doctors, psychologists and other professionals who supervise children as well as representatives of the Foundation seek to encourage dreams that involve an experience with a profound impact on the child.


It may sound crazy, and perhaps it is, but for these children who suffer so much (many of whom are tired of their treatments or have low self-esteem), being able to enjoy such a new, radical experience and the sense of total freedom in “conquering the world” can boost morale and the strength with which to continue fighting the disease.


We consider children an example of the strength and courage we would like to see reflected in ourselves. We thus encourage them to share their smiles with us through this incredible experience.



David (18 years old)
Skydiving was a great experience. I wasn’t scared until the moment the door of the plane opened for the jump. Those seconds lasted forever. I cannot express the feeling I had when jumping: it was somewhere between fear and excitement but I’m definitely going to do it again next year with my family. I recommend it to anyone who wants to have a great experience.
Thanks to all the Skydive team and to you for organising this event.

Brenda (17 years old)
When I was told about skydiving I didn’t hesitate to say yes. I was really anxious as I had never done it before and didn’t know whether I would like it. Carme called me and told me I would be jumping on 19 September. As the day approached, I grew very anxious as I could see how fast people came down and was a bit scared. 
Once they started to tell me everything we had to do for the jump I started to calm down. The worst moment was after we had boarded the plane as everything grew smaller and that made me a bit wary, although with the instructor I had I can hardly complain. 
I had a really good time and will never forget that day. When you’re flying you feel as if every little problem disappears and all you do is think about enjoying it. I would skydive again. It was an unforgettable experience. 
I encourage both people who are ill and those who are not to try this wonderful experience. I’d like to thank Skydive, El Somni dels Nens Foundation, the TV3 team and everyone in general. A big kiss.

Jonatan (16 years old)
I found it amazing, awesome, words can’t describe it. I had a great time and the instructor assigned to me was great, very cool, as was everyone in general. Thank you for this experience and keep on in the same way! Cheers.

I’ve now been skydiving. It was an unforgettable experience. Thank you very, very much. Everyone has been great and really nice. At first, when boarding the plane, I started to get a bit anxious but when we jumped out, that anxiousness disappeared completely.