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Your First Indoor Flight

Do you want to experience the feeling of indoor freefall without depending on the daylight or the weather, or maybe you are not ready to jump out of a plane, doing a Tandem Skydive yet?

Well then you might love to try Indoor Skydiving in a Wind Tunnel!


First Timer Experience

Indoor Skydiving is an exciting activity almost anyone can take part in, from the age of 4. You will get a protective suit, helmet, and goggles together with a short briefing before your flight. Then you are ready to enter the air!

The participants fly within a column of wind created by a vertical wind tunnel, experiencing the feeling of freefall! Beginners are accompanied by a professional instructor that helps them in learning to fly.

Ready to try it?

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Beginners usually start with 2-4 minutes of flight.
If you want to book as a group, you can benefit from our special deals for 10 up to 60 minutes.

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2 min.

(max. 1 pax).

59,9 €

3 min.

(max. 1 pax).

79,9 €

4 min.

(max. 1 pax).

99,9 €

2 min KIDS

(max. 1 pax from 4 to 12 years).

46,9 €

3 min. KIDS

(max. 1 pax from 4 to 12 years).

64,9 €