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Skydive Empuriabrava is Europe's biggest and most experienced skydiving school, featuring international top-level instructors, latest training techniques and student equipment.
To learn how to skydive on your own requires some knowledge and practical skills that you will learn during your skydiver for a day course. The lessons include knowledge about skydiving equipment, freefall positions, how and at what altitude to deploy your parachute, emergency procedures and how to fly and safely land your parachute, just to name a few. If you are sure you want to become a skydiver, after the skydiver for a day course, you can take the AFF PLUS (Accelerated Freefall course) through theory classes combined with training in the air and thus obtain the skydiver's licence.

Our skydive school is open all year round. You can book a course individually or as a group if you want to do the course with your friends. Our instructors speak several languages.

Feel free to contact us for further details.

Introductory course into skydiving and to free fall

Skydiver for a day course is for you if you want to try jumping with your own parachute and flying in a wind tunnel, but you are not sure yet if you want to learn to skydive by yourself. After completing the Skydiver for a day course you still have to option to continue with AFF starting at Level 2.


The training at Skydive Empuriabrava is completely personalised to be able to provide you with the best service. As a start you will attend the theory classes and do practical exercises on the ground.


After completing the first ground school, you fly up an altitude of 4,000 metres for your first AFF Tandem Skydive. During this jump you will practice first exercises in free fall and under open parachute, together with your instructor.


The next step will be done in the Wind Tunnel (Indoor Skydiving - free fall simulator), where you get the chance to train the free fall exercises that you need during your AFF jumps in the sky later on.


Now you are more than prepared. You are ready for tasting the sky. On level 1 you will jump with your own student rental parachute, safely secured by two instructors, who will assist you in free fall. They stabilize you and correct your body position while you practice your exercises during free fall. Once your parachute is open, an instructor will contact you via radio (the device is attached to your helmet). The instructor will help and guide you to safely land your student parachute as you have learned already during ground school.


We will record you Level 1 skydive on video. You recieve an USB card, which is a fantastic reminder of this great experience.


Skydiver for a day prices:

The course price includes:
Theoretical instruction
Student handbook
1 tandem jump
1 AFF level 1 jump
Use of all the necessary material
Flight to dropping altitude
Supervision in freefall by two instructors
Video of the AFF level 1 freefall
Radio assistance while descending under canopy
Jump logbook
Insurance for possible damages to the equipment (parachute)

SPECIAL DISCOUNT (4% to 6%) for the courses done in between October and May.
GROUP discounts available ALL YEAR.

IFF (mini AFF) course

1304 €


109 €


Minimum age is 16 years. Under -18s must present notarised parental consent. Medical certificate specifying that you are fit to do sport.

The Skydive school is open all year. Courses start at 9.00 am.
Contact us to book and start this amazing journey into the sport of skydiving.