08 / 05 / 2014

Flight 101 is the first foundation course, dealing specifically with creating good soft consistent accurate landings. You will fully understand the correct flare technique and develop the ability to debrief personal performance. The course defines the flight plan, modern flying techniques to ensure a high degree of accuracy and safety in the skydiving environment. Finally stall and stall recovery techniques introduce controls to start to understand the full performance range of the canopy.


Flight 102 is the second foundation course, learning about the complete range of the canopy and using the canopy to deal with different situations in air and in the environment. The course takes you through a series of in air exercises to explore the performance range of the canopy so that you can deal with emergency situations and difficult atmospheric conditions. You will be given more safety and survival tools, including controlled turns using different inputs, turn dynamics, dive recovery and the how to deal with a long spot.

"Airmanship" (103) brings the skills you have developed into the general skydiving environment. The course explains how to manage the variety of skydivers on each jump and helps you understand the dropzone environment. It continues to develop your personal skills and understanding in the areas of canopy choice, equipment and malfunctions and avoiding and successfully dealing with canopy collisions.

Flight 201 introduces the theory of performance and the use of airspeed using pitch.You will be introduced to the fundamental principles when moving into high performance speed building approaches. Essential slow approach skills are taught along with the first techniques in the progression of building airspeed. The course also provides invaluable information and skills to avoid and successfully deal with canopy collisions and rear riser emergency landings.


Flight-1 at Skydive Empuriabrava