29 / 05 / 2009

The great adventure of the Family-Owned Business

by Martí Gironell, Josep Lagares and Josep Tàpies

Matt met with 300 other skydivers in the Arizona desert to break an impossible record: to fly together in free fall and in formation for at least three seconds, at 200 kilometers per hour. And they did it.

Matt realizes that everything he learned then can be used as a guide for reorienting his family-owned business: mapping out the route, maintaining stability and ensuring a perfect balance so that the family ship gets safely into port.
Where is the key to this success?

. In the flexibility to adapt to an unpredictable environment and a multitude of minor conflicts

. In staying on an even keel and on course without losing sight of the overall view

. In a competent team that is united and highly dedicated

. In the sense of trust and safety that the family transmits to its members

Experience a Great Adventure based on real events and where the maxim is very simple: BELIEVE TO SEE