15 / 03 / 2017


The new AFF PLUS course adds, as an innovation, the WIND TUNNEL in its training process. As in the standard AFF, the theoretical classes and the Tandem jump take place at the beginning of the course. The Wind Tunnel (free fall simulator) training takes place between the Tandem and the level 1 jump. During the flight session in the Wind Tunnel the student practices the free fall exercises. Once the training in the simulator is completed, the student continues his/her learning progression along the 7 AFF levels until his/her graduation as a parachutist.

Thanks to the 15 minutes of flight training in the Wind Tunnel, this new course AFF PLUS allows to practice in a specific way the free fall exercises which will have to be done in the real jumps and, for that reason, the students will become more prepared and they will have the necessary skills in order to be able to perform the free fall maneuvers correctly.

More information at Skydiving Courses

Imagen de un curso PAC y del túnel de viento (PAC PLUS)


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